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Surgery Tomorrow

The doctor didn't really have good news.

She has more problematic areas than were showing in xrays but showed up on ct and MRI.  Tomorrow he is taking out 2 hemivertebrae (partially formed vertebrae) and she may have to have another surgery in 6 months to remove a bar.  He can't do all 3 in one surgery.  There are 2 or 3 other slight problems as well.  This surgery will take 6 hours.  He did say he is confident this plan will help straighten her spine now and give her the best opportunity for some growth, but that it is very rare to have so many problematic areas. 

Her new friend Kenna will also have surgery tomorrow at a different hospital.  While both are excited to get done and go home, they are very sad to be leaving each other. 

Please say some prayers for Emerson, Kenna and their doctors. 


  1. Does Kenna's family have facebook or some other social media. maybe yall can get info to video chat or skype or something, phone calls, or write letters. <3 yeah that is the hardest part- saying bye to all the new friends you make.

    Keep that pretty head up, Emi <3 and good luck with Surgery and will have yall in prayers. <3


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