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Surgery Day

Emerson went in for surgery at 8:30.  They have everything hooked up and are starting the actual surgery now.

9:30 update:  everything is hooked up and they will start actual surgery

11:30 update:  Everything is going well.  Her vitals are good and she has had minimal blood loss so far.

1:30 update:  All is going well.  All screws are in. 

3:30 update: They are finished.  She is being stitched up.

4:40 update: Halo is off and everything is complete.  He was only able to remove one hemivertebra and insert the shilla rods.  He ran out of time.  At least two thirds of her spine has deformities which makes it more difficult to place the screws.  She lost 30% of her blood but they were able to give hers back to her instead of donor blood.  She is wiggling all limbs and vitals are good.  He doesn't want to set a date for another surgery but will watch closely to see what will need addressed next.

5:15 update:  We were both allowed to come back into recovery. 


  1. Praise God for a successful surgery! Keep the faith and positivity emi. It might be hard sometimes, it’s ok to cry, but all of this will be worth it, in the end ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


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