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4th of July

Trying to make the best of the 4th.

Em met her goal weight!  She is at 16 pounds of weights.  Thursday she had her weekly x-ray and photos and a pulmonary test.  As far as we know all is good.

Talking to her sisters.  She sure misses them.

Awesome color changing light in her room.

We are still trying to get the bandage off.  

Bulking up in Occupational Therapy.  

Making slime in Recreational Therapy.

Pulmonary Test

No hands!
Floating (eek!)

They had a nice BBQ for the 4th


  1. Happy 4th of July. I know I am late, but I am just finding your blog. Keep up that smile. And I remember that PFT (Pulmonary test) they were soooo hard and its not the type of test you can study for. Haha. <3


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