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Road Trip to Children's

 Today we took the transfer van over to Children's Hospital for a ct scan and MRI.  Our brave girl did them both without anesthesia!
We loved the baseball themed waiting room.

Is it safe to travel with this attached to her head?  

Dr. Luhmann will make a surgery plan and talk to us in the next couple of days.

In addition to Emerson's awesome cards she has received some amazing packages and gifts.  We can definitely feel the love and enjoy seeing her face light up when there is mail for her.

Some more fun...

Bingo prize!

Em crafted a hat for Mom

Working on some return mail.


  1. yes I loved the baseball theme in the CT/MRI area <3 and I loved "Mail day" when i got mail too. <3 and I love how she decorated her halo. its adorbs!!!


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