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Unicorn hat and chain for countdown.

Unicorn hat
Emerson's hospital stay is halfway over!  She is really missing her family, but is in no pain and the doctors say everything is looking good. 
She has learned to swallow a pill, which will be very helpful after her surgery.
She continues to walk on the treadmill, stretch, do yoga, and eat to get stronger and healthier. 
She does breathing exercises four times a day and her lungs continue to improve.
She is still at the 16 pounds during the day and 8 at night.
Surgery is still planned for July 21.  That will include removing the halo, removing one vertebrae and fusing two together as well as inserting new rods called shilla rods.
She loves call her cards and packages!

Here are some older photos that haven't been shared yet...
Prayer service before the first surgery.

Sticker Art

Fireworks and popcorn

More fireworks from bed.  This shows the bed traction too.
Riley had surgery the same day by the same doctor.  We thought that was pretty cool.  


  1. Almost there, sweetheart. Keep trucking along. <3 and keep up that beautiful smile. your positivity will help see you through even the roughest days. <3


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