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It's crazy that in a week, we will be preparing for a BIG surgery.  Please send prayers and get your green ready.

Today they took blood and a swab to prepare for that.  She also did another pulmonary test.  Sometime this week we get radiographs and talk details about the surgery.
Prize for giving blood

We have been noticing her arm motion has improved.

Emerson is very light on her feet and has to be reminded constantly to stop spinning and put her feet down.

At first, I thought it was a mistake to make these because it made her miss everyone, but now she loves looking at them.  
Some queens visited and the girls got to try on their crowns.


  1. Looking Good, Em! and yes please listen to the nurses about not spinning. Stay safe and keep truckin along for surgery <3

  2. Still looking beautiful. Prayers for you! You are so strong and brave!!!


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