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One Week

On Monday it was 1 week since Emerson's revision surgery (3 weeks since initial surgery) and quite a few things happened!

She decided she wanted to go to daycare for part of the day and she had a great time but was very tired.
Daddy was on vacation and got to take her.

It was time to take the bandage off.  Thank goodness for Amanda and her adhesive remover and treats for afterward.

"A scar simply means you were stronger than whatever tried to hurt you."
The bump on the top right is the actual rod.
Em had her first shower in three weeks!

We think the rod is still doing its job.  There is, of course, no way to tell for sure until we get an x-ray, which will happen on December 4th at our follow up appointment.  The bottom is very itchy and we are not allowed to cover it, so we really hope she doesn't mess it up by itching it.  She is weaning herself off the pain medications which means we are actually getting some sleep at night and not having to wake her up. 

With Thanksgiving this week we are definitely counting our blessings that we seem to be on the road to normalcy again. 

We can't thank everyone enough for the support we have received throughout this part of the journey. 
I still have bracelets and some shirts if anyone got missed.