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Day 4

Thursday had some ups and downs.  Craig has gone back to work.  I spend the day encouraging Emerson to walk, take her medication, and eat/drink. At one point she said, "Mommy, I can't do this."

Emerson's bracelets came in the mail and we love them!

We tried to see how much she grew, but since she isn't standing completely straight yet I think it's actually more.  Addison and Jenson came home and Emerson was so happy. Mom and Dad came over and Amanda brought spaghetti and garlic bread (Em's favorite). She ate a good amount of food for the first time.

While she had guests, she was readjusting herself, walked a few times,  and actually enjoyed herself. It was good to see.

There were many times that I questioned whether we had made the right decision with this surgery, but then I remember the alternative of doing nothing is not an option either.  We will just keep trusting God and praying that her recovery speeds up at some point soon and her pain is as minimal as possible.

Thank you to everyone that continues to follow Emerson's journey. The prayers,  comments,  text messages,  emails,  and acts of kindness are truly amazing.