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Day 6 and 7

Emerson needed the weekend.  She needed her dad and her sisters. Early Saturday,  she was saying she needed to walk and would ask someone to help her.
By Saturday evening she was getting up by herself and walking around. Then she started moving around on the couch to get closer to Addison or Dad.  She spent most of the day coloring and watching movies.
On Sunday,  she complained of quite a bit of pain but was still moving around on her own.  She was also sitting on Dad's lap and cuddling. 

Sunday evening,  we took off the bandages with the help of Amanda.  Emerson has extremely tender skin.  She used to refuse to use bandaids it was so bad. So,  taking off all that clear bandage that about covered her back was heartbreaking. It was also heartbreaking seeing the actual scar and stitches.  

Our sweet girl has been through so much and is so strong 💚