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Day 5

Emerson is starting to ask to get up and walk.  However she still cringes and cries when she walks. 

She is eating and drinking well.  We are still struggling with sitting up to eat, but it's getting better.  She can lounge and eat but for a meal someone has to feed her.  Addison fed her spaghetti for supper.  I am still trying to get the stool softeners snuck into her food and drink and I am getting a little worried about that.

We had a movie marathon with lots of great Disney movies plus Wizard of Oz. She was awake more today.  We took her off the Valium during the day which I think helped.  She took a couple cat naps and her regular nap which is good because overnights her sleep is so interrupted.

She rotated between the big recliner,  the couch,  and Meelah's mini recliner that we borrowed. 

She got to talk to her teacher on the phone.  Christy delivered some ham and green beans from the church ladies.  Pops came and sat with her while I picked up Addi and Jenson. 

She told me today that her back felt better than yesterday.  Slowly but surely.