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The Countdown is Ending

Emerson will only wear a brace for 2 more days.

As we try to prepare for this week I wanted to thank everyone that ordered shirts.  I almost have them all delivered! We have ordered over 150 and will put another order in later.

We would LOVE for anyone that has one to wear it this week. 

Tomorrow would be the first opportunity.  At 6 o'clock there will be a private prayer service for Em at our church.  The elders will be praying over her and we would love to see anyone that wishes wearing her shirt or wearing green in support throughout the day. 

The other day is surgery day,  which is Tuesday.  We are hoping the shirts will remind everyone to say some prayers. 

We would also like to thank everyone that has helped us prepare for Tuesday with gifts, words of encouragement, prayers and help. We definitely feel the love!