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Sometimes,  plans change and you just have to roll with it,  or maybe plans change ALL the time and you scream,  then cry,  then roll with.

Today Shriners called. They had a cancellation for Monday at 7:30 and they wanted to know if Emersom wanted it. 

After thinking about,  Jen's birthday,  her birthday party,  our holiday plans,  substitute plans,  Emerson's current health,  and seeing if all the right people could get off work, we decided to for it.  Why take a risk on her getting sick?

Her surgery is scheduled for 7:30 Monday morning.  We would love to see all that green again! Please send us a picture. 

This does unfortunately mean the current shirt order will not be done in time ☹  I know this is a bummer.  My mom also ordered some really cute bracelets that we will have the end of next week.

We truly appreciate all the prayers and hope you keep them coming!