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Preop Appointment Highlights

Our appointment was at 7, so we tried staying at Haven House.  If we would have arrived before 3:30 a.m. this may have been a little better.

Preop consisted of xrays, photographs,  pulmonary exercises, blood work, and urine analysis.

We agreed to have Em be part of the national research on Magec rods.

She survived the blood work and was rewarded with a babydoll and jewelry.

We are only getting 1 rod because in our doctors experience the other side rod usually breaks and punctures.  One rod is more effective.

He is going to attempt the larger rod,  which would last longer,  but may only get the small rod in.

Only one of us can stay the night with her.

We can't give blood because they don't do that,  however they doubt she will need it.

They will start walking her the day after surgery to hopefully avoid muscle spasms.

The biggest complication is infection.

We are exhausted.

Surgery is in 2 weeks.

Pray. Pray. Pray.