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Change of Plans

In an unfortunate turn of events, we were just told it is unsafe to put Em under anesthesia today and she won't be having surgery.

More details...
I don't even know where to begin.  The past few days have been quite the emotional rollercoaster.  We have been wrapped in love by our family,  friends,  teachers,  coworkers,  and church family and are so thankful for all of the support for Emerson and our family. 
Over the weekend Emerson had developed a very minor cough.  She was blessed with allergies like her momma and normally gets a little runny nose from time to time.  We can usually control it with the breathing machine treatments and it isn't a big deal.  We have had castings with this cough and it not been a big deal however for castings she was only under for about an hour.
When they called yesterday for the preop information I told them she had a mild cough and if it got worse I could let them know.  There was no more discussion about it.
When we arrived today (after our all nighter - I don't recommend doing that) we were told that for this surgery she can't have a cough.  If she has anything in her throat it can close the air tube and they can lose her.  In addition, because she would be getting an incision and having a rod or foreign object placed, having any drainage could cause an infection and all kinds of things would go wrong; additional surgeries for cleaning the rod,  or taking the rod back out. So,  we agreed that though we had put alot of planning and preparation into it,  we obviously couldn't continue with surgery and risk her health. 
Lesson learned,  she must be completely healthy.  Many have asked if Emerson is okay and yes she is.  They said she had a slight temperature,  but she is fine.  There isn't anything in her lungs and I don't even feel like there is a need to go to the doctor. 
We will reschedule as soon as possible and will let everyone know when that is as soon as they call and let us know. 
We truly appreciate all the messages,  offers to help,  prayers/ prayer meetings,  gifts,  and the overwhelming amount of green we saw today! Unfortunately I guess that was just a practice run.