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Procedure Complete


Em is resting.  It was a long day! 

The picc line is working.  She is getting antibiotic through it and they have taken blood twice.  First time showed a large drop on hemoglobin but they think that was a fluke. 

They are coming to teach me how to care for the wound vac and picc line tomorrow.  There has been some conversation about possibly leaving tomorrow but that isn't from Dr. L so I am not sure I believe that.  Nothing was in cultures but they are skeptical because she was on an antibiotic.  Home health will come get blood for labs once a week once we are home so they can keep testing.

The doctors haven't had a chance to discuss the plan together but tentatively she is on antibiotic through the picc line and she will start an oral antibiotic once she gets off another pain med. She is doing great with pain from the back surgery during the day but night is rough.  She just can't get comfortable and the pain meds wear off quickly.  

Thank you for the prayers and support!  This road is a long one but we will get there  💚