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Likely Surgery

Emerson has been struggling a bit.  Three weeks ago, she accidently hit her back on a chair at school and the rod poked through her skin.  The local ER did x-rays and her doctor wanted us to keep it covered so it would heal and let them know if it changed at all.  She has taken it easy since then.  

This week, the rod started pushing through her skin making another hole right about the first one.  The first one is also not healing up.  She is resting at home this week and is scheduled to have x-rays and be seen by Dr. Luhmann on Tuesday morning.  It is likely that they will do a surgery that day.  His tentative plan is to clean the rod and revise the hardware so it isn't pokey.  

We could use some prayers for:

  • Timely Covid test results
  • Safe travels
  • No infection
  • Smooth surgery
  • Quick recovery   

If you have a shirt, bracelet or just green, to wear on Tuesday, Emerson loves seeing the support.  We do have some bracelets if anyone is wanting one.    


  1. I have sent out another prayer chain just for Emi. I'm praying for all you request. Be safe, prayers and God are with you!!


  2. Praying for all requested. I'd love to get a bracelet. Hugs to Emerson! Keep smiling sunshine! :)

  3. Prayers for that tough little nugget!!❤️❤️


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