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Bump in the Road

Dr. Luhmann was pleased with surgery.  He removed the loose screw and placed a new one with a larger anchor, removed and replaced the rod with one that isn’t as bent, tightened all the screws because some were a little loose, and washed everything out.  Then they placed a wound vac.  They took cultures to guide the infectious disease doctors with treatment.  

Today she got off the oxygen, walked 3 times, visited the recreational therapy area twice, and ate well.

Tomorrow morning we go to Children’s Hospital to have a picc line inserted and then to meet with infectious disease to see what bacteria they found and what her antibiotic plan will be.  She will be on antibiotics at home for six months and have the wound vac for about two weeks.  They are hoping to get her home the first of next week.

The social worker is working on setting up home health to help us with all of this.  They treat every open wound aggressively because bacteria loves metal and any air getting to it pretty much guarantees there will be infection.  At the end of the six weeks if anything is still showing up in her labs they have to remove all hardware.  They are very hopeful we won’t have to do that.

Emerson is struggling with the emotional aspects of all of this.  She is very nervous about tomorrow.  We are really praying for good results and the perfect plan to get rid of and prevent any infection.  

Thank you for all the prayers 💚 Please keep them coming.