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Three Appointments

Shoulder doctor: We haven't shared this with everyone, but in August at the follow up for the original surgery we found out Em's limited left arm motion is due to her shoulder blade being in the wrong spot. It will require surgery to improve the motion from about 45 degrees to hopefully 100 degrees.  They are hoping to do this surgery along with a future back surgery and it isn't time sensitive.  No new information today.

Back doctor:  Wound vac tape removal was horrible.  Her back looks amazing and she graduated from the wound vac a week early.  She was released to take a shower/bath and go back to school. All great news! Next appointment is in April unless we notice anything alarming.

Infectious disease doctor: She isn't having any reactions to the meds which is good.  She has a couple things in her blood labs that are low.  Hemoglobin was one of them.  He isn't concerned and wants to continue with the PICC line for at least 2 more weeks, most likely 4.  Then he will change it to another oral antibiotic. We see him in December.

She isn't in the clear for keeping any infection away but things are looking good currently.

She enjoyed seeing her "hospital family" today.


  1. Em, you are a very special girl. Keep being you knew of the strongest that I know!! I will keep you in my prayers! Love you!


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