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Updates on Em

I am having a hard time keeping up.  This may be long.

Cast #7
Cast #7 coming off
Damage from cast #7 - Her first open sore from a cast
Bath fun after Cast #7

Cast #8 surgery sent smoothly.  There was some concern that she had a runny nose and was sneezing but no fever, so they continued as planned.  Dr. Kelly applied it and didn’t do any x-rays because he tries to limit the x-ray exposure.  We like that but also feel a little weird not knowing.  Emerson requested mac-n-cheese and fries for lunch. 

Apparently, they don’t make KC Royals duck tape but one of Em's teachers, Ms. Whitney made this awesome vinyl cutout for her and we tried to make a powder blue jersey.  Emerson loved it! 

Cast #9 will be with Dr. Luhmann (our doctor) on Tuesday.  The two doctors have a little different casting techniques.  In our experience, Dr. Luhmann’s are tighter, get better correction, and are more fashionable (no white t-shirt showing all the time).  Dr. Kelly’s are more comfortable, and help us stay cleaner since we can change the undershirt. 

Since this is our last cast of this series, while they have her under anesthesia and stretched out they mold her for her brace and then apply the new cast.  That means, the correction that he can get this time will be what we are in for a while.  Mr. Jason, Emerson’s physical therapist at school is spending a lot of extra time with her this week stretching, to attempt to improve her spines flexibility.  We also purchased a peanut ball and will stretch several times a day at home over the weekend. 

Some of our many random thoughts:
Since Jenson is now at the age that Emerson starting treatment, it is hard to not notice the things that she is able to do that we couldn’t let Emerson do. 

Emerson’s curving toes are a growing concern and wearing only shoes that fit inserts is hard sometimes.  She really wants to wear sandals and flip-flops like everyone else.

She is starting to realize that no one else has a brace or cast.

We have been invited to a swim birthday party this weekend and Emerson can actually go.  She is SO excited!

Its clothes shuffle week.  I had to pull out some smaller clothes to fit her this week.  Next week back to the bigger size.

With the weather finally getting nicer it’s time to figure out what Em will wear this summer.  She is addicted to LulaRoe leggings because she can pull them up over her cast and for the most part, they stay, but when they do fall they don’t fall all the way off since they are so stretchy.  We can’t do that in the summer.  She will need dresses and tunics to cover her backend because her shorts will fall down ALL the time.   Last summer I tried overalls, which went okay.  We have talked about trying suspenders, but I just have not ordered any and am not sure she would be a fan. Everything will also need to be flowy and cool so she does not get too hot. 

In February, we celebrated a year anniversary of not being in the hospital for breathing problems!  We pray her lung health continues because that is SO scary. 

We bought my dad’s old boat and are very hopeful to get to use it this weekend because when Emerson has a cast on I don’t trust that the life jacket would work correctly. 

We also want to plant flowers this weekend and let Emerson get all messy.  I think we are going to have a busy weekend. 

I love that my girls get to enjoy bath time together for a week.  It makes the evenings so easy.

Em got to enjoy sensory day at school without a cast.  I think this includes lots of messy stuff and we are glad she could be carefree for the day. 

Next cast is going to be Trolls.  Em already has her duck tape picked out!

The past 2 cast we have sent Em back to school the following day because we just don’t have any time to take off this year.  Unfortunately both times she ended up sick later that week, so this time my mom is staying with her the following day so they can have a relaxing day. 

We finally bought a newer car and now Emerson has an air vent to point directly at her so she doesn’t get so hot.

Scoliosis Awareness month is in June.  I would love to do something.  Anybody have an idea?  We have played with the ideas of Tshirts and organizing a toy drive for Shriners. 

If you know a Shriner please thank them for us.  We get exceptional care there and couldn’t be more happy with our doctors. The condition that Emerson has is very rare but these doctors are top notch and we truly trust them.

We should get our pre-op call on Monday to confirm our arrival time. Early casting time means a super early drive to St. Louis, no traffic, and home at a decent time.  Last casting time means, normal morning start time, possible traffic, possible delays in casting depending on other casts in front of us, and getting home late.  Either way, it is always a very long day for everyone!

Thanks for reading my book :)  We appreciate your support! 

Prayer requests:  Safe travels, good correction, smooth anesthesia, and prayers for our doctors, nurses, physical therapist, and everyone else that has a hand in Emerson’s health.