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Tuesday's the Day

As we end this week I can't help but think about next week.  Tuesday we find out what the next plan is.  The way I understand it, there are 3 options that we could hear. 

  • Surgery:  Dr. L has mentioned 2 types of surgeries to us:  Shilla and Magec.  Magec is the one he mentioned at our last appointment and sent information home with us about it, so I feel like that is the one he was leaning towards.  
  • Keep Bracing:  I feel like there is a small possibility that he will say her spine is not pushing on her lungs and we can wait longer.  I only think this because she has grown taller and we have not had any lung/pneumonia problems for over a year (yes I just knocked on wood because the flu going around has me terrified).  
  • Casting:  We didn't feel like he was pleased with the progress from the last casting series.  The number of times she has had anesthesia (7 so far) can also be a concern because the more there is the more issues with it they see.  So I feel like we have done our last cast.
The only other thing that I think is a treatment option is halo traction however when we asked about that last time he said he didn't normally do that.  I am okay with that since it would mean her staying in the hospital for weeks with an attachment around her head. 

I can honestly say I don't have a preference with these options.  They all have their own positives and negatives.  I just want to know.  I want to know what to prepare her, her sisters, and us for, emotionally and physically.  I want to know if it will be right away, if I will need to be off for a long period of time, will she be able to participate in any spring/summer organized activities, if and when we can take a vacation this year and what we will be allowed to do on that vacation.  We are scared to find out, but ready to know. 

We would be thankful for prayers that everyone stays healthy between now and Tuesday, for safe travels to and from St. Louis, and for her doctors to make the best possible decision that they can for her next step.