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The verdict is....

more casting. I know, I was shocked too.

Our trip started with the fear of icy roads, however the roads were clear thanks to the road crews.

Our first destination is always radiology.  Last time, 6 months ago, her in cast xray was 74. Today it was 80.

They had a large number of complex cases today and our doctor was running 2 hours behind.  There was also a fire alarm which was cleared but Em was excited to see the truck and firefighters. 

Dr. Luhmann didn't like that her curve had increased. It's at the point where something has to be done. He made the comment that she is just too petite for Magec rods right now.

He feels like he can improve the curve with casting.  There will be 3 casts and each will be on for 8 weeks with 1 off week in between each cast.  So, another summer of casting.  Bummer. We will get more info about dates soon but we know it will be as soon as they can get it scheduled. 

We definitely feel all the prayers and are certain we are with the doctor God wants us with and that this is the best plan for Emerson at this time.

Prayers for good correction and safe travels would be appreciated.