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Bye, Bye M&Ms

We have really been looking forward to today, the day we can let Emerson play in the bath, hug her tight and feel her little body against ours, and let her eat and drink without the constant worry of something spilling on her cast.  And we have enjoyed all of those things this evening, but I forgot how emotional taking the cast off can be.  She wore it for 7 weeks and during those seven weeks we felt confident that it was on correctly and helping her, so when we take it off and see her back it's a little discouraging.

Here are some pictures of us removing the cast. Our friends in our support group all said doing it yourself was the best advice they ever received, so we tried it.  They were right. It was so easy!

Cast #5 will be applied Tuesday the 25th. We  were originally told we may not do the 6th cast but after seeing the results from cast #4 our doctor said we have to, which means a cast until August 7th. It's going to be a hot summer for our little Em.

Prayer List
  • An enjoyable, healthy cast off week
  • Safe travels to and from Shriner's
  • Smooth casting operation with great correction
  • Healthy growth of her heart and lungs 
  • Protection from other health concerns caused by X-rays and anesthesia