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After Cast #2

Emerson had her second cast cut off Tuesday night.  Considering Craig's work has decided he can't use his two weeks vacation by splitting it up and my math students took Common Assessments this week we are so incredibly thankful for a special person that offered to cut her cast off in town on Tuesday night. Those 15 minutes it took for him to cut it off saved us from taking off work and driving 3 hours both ways for a 15 minute appointment. Since we didn't go to St. Louis there hasn't been an x-ray yet.  I did take a picture to compare her back after the first cast and after the second.
Cast off week is exciting because we don't have to worry so much, but it is also hard seeing her little back and being reminded of the severity of her curve.  She was so excited to show her daycare friends her belly which made me sad thinking about her getting the next cast.   
Her next cast will be Tuesday.  Please pray for good results,  safe travels,  and Emerson's health as the frequent x-rays and anesthesia are concerning us.