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A New Year, A New Update

We have "pimped" our cast!  Thanks to a special friend who gave Addison a gift card to pick out some duck tape for her sister.  Addison picked out 5 different types and Emerson liked this one.
We have had this cast on for about two and half weeks.  The procedure went well.  Emerson isn't scared of the hospital yet, but this may be because they give her toys, books, and stuffed animals every time we go.  When she woke up, she repeatedly said, "I done! I done!"  She didn't care about the cast, but wanted all the cords off of her and wanted to leave.  She adapted really well this time and just started going.  The anesthesia is the worse part because is makes her very tired and clingy. 
We were so blessed to have some really sweet friends bring us meals the two days after, which was extremely helpful.  My mom was also helpful (as always) and was able to stay with Emerson the day after, so I could go back to work.  Emmi was ready to go back to daycare after one day at home.
The doctor did not seem as impressed with the results this time.  When we started the casting her angle was 72.  With the first cast on it was 55, but when the cast was taken off it went back to 69.  This cast is holding it at 50.6.  That is still improvement, but because she has the congenital problems that can sometimes make the spine less flexible and stiffer.  He would have liked to see more progress.  Next, we will do the last cast and be fitted for a brace to wear 20 hours a day.  Depending on what the results are with this cast, he will decide if further casting will be beneficial.
We are just happy that the casting has made improvements and that there is already more room for her lungs to grow.  She seems taller and straighter to us and it is just amazing to see how she has adjusted and takes it all like a champ.   

As always, thank you for the prayers, cards, messages, kind words, thoughts, and gifts.  We are forever grateful for each of you!