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The Eve of a New Beginning, We Think...

Here we are,  the night before the big day. The past week and a half has been simply crazy. We moved (thanks to some amazing help), our heater won't work,  hot water heater went out, our house contract fell apart,  Craig turned 33, Emmi developed a cough,  I have had the head cold junk,  Craig started a new route at work, we attended a beautiful wedding, celebrated a nephew's birthday,  and now we are here.  Things at the house aren't anywhere near where I wanted them to be,  but I just have to be realistic.  They will get there.
I took Emmi to the doctor Friday for her cough.  Shriner's had said if they prescribed an antibiotic then the casting would be postponed.  Her cough wasn't bad enough to require an antibiotic but they would have given her one if we wanted.  Instead we spent the weekend pushing fluids and keeping her at home to rest.  She still has somewhat of a cough, but Shriner's says it should be okay.
So we think we are still getting a cast tomorrow!  To prepare, Pastor Chad came by to pray with us,  we talked to Addi and showed her pictures of what Emmi will look like, I have pulled out some of Addi's old clothes (I hope 2t is big enough), we let Emmi make a big mess with her yogurt at supper, and her and Addi played in the bathtub for an hour. That is as prepared as we can get!
We start tomorrow with the heart test at 9 and then the casting (hopefully) around noon.
As always,  thank you for the prayers!