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Change of Plans

Moving day is approaching!  We really wanted to be in the new house before M's first cast, and plan to move this weekend.  That didn't leave us much time to get settled and I think Craig and I were both stressing.  So I am looking at the past phone call from the Shriner's hospital as a blessing.  They have moved her first casting date to the following Tuesday because of some scheduling problems.  This means we will also wait until the 17th for her heart test and the first cast will only be on for 3 weeks.  This gives us some more time to get moved in, get some larger clothes ready, and use the bathtub as much as possible.  Also, three weeks for our first try at this new lifestyle might be helpful.

Shriner's also helped me get in contact with another family that has gone through this process many times.  Congenital Scoliosis in infants is SO rare and each case is SO different.  It was really nice to talk to another mom about their journey.  They live in Springfield and their little boy, who is now 4, has a very similar case to Emerson's.  I think the most interesting thing she told me was that they prefer their son to have the cast instead of the brace.  We will soon find out what we prefer. 

As if we aren't busy enough :) We are also trying to get Emmi into First Steps.  It is a program that would send someone to our house or her daycare and work with her on any developmental delays that she has.  The physical therapy that she did in Warrensburg over the summer dramatically improved her ability to use her left arm/hand and to turn to the left (her shoulder is higher on the left and gets in the way).  We don't want her to digress with that and are concerned because she refuses to walk and spends all her time walking around the house on her knees.  We have had a meeting with them and are waiting to hear from them for an evaluation. 
We appreciate all the prayers for Emmi, and our family as we move forward!  


  1. You are such good parents! Continued prayers from the Swearngins. Was glad to find this blog!

    1. Thank you! We appreciate all the prayers and the support from our awesome church family!


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