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When Emerson was in the hospital she received so much mail!  There were over 80 cards, many multiples from people that sent something every week (every day for Grandma Alma).  Mail was so exciting for her and uplifting for me.  We have received and sent some other important mail recently.   


We ordered this awesome poster from Higgy Bears.  It is full of pictures of other kids with scoliosis.  She is also on it!

Donor Letter

Sending a donor letter is hard and though it took me a while, we got one sent and hope it said the right things.  

Dr. Luhmann

Emerson emailed this to Dr. Luhmann recently and he decided to add it to his blog.  

Her next appointment is April 27th.  She will meet with her infectious disease doctor and spine surgeon.  We hope to get good blood results and good x-rays.  We are still nervous about the rod poking her skin a little bit and plan to make a decision about that based on how they feel about possible infection and future surgeries.