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Appointment Update

Fortunately, we are home and there isn't emergency surgery happening.

Unfortunately, we had a long day and we have a big decision to make. 

We were right that the right side rod is now poking her skin.  You can see it on the bottom right of this side view xray.  He was very pleased with the rest of the xray and said everything was holding well.

He could easily fix it with a quick same day surgery but he feels like it is okay right now.  If it starts bruising or looking different then he would want to definitely do the surgery to bend the rod right away.

If we don't catch it and it does poke through then that automatically means she goes through the wound vac, picc line, and antibiotics again.  Anytime the rods touch air they are very susceptible to infection.  

As you can see she loves taking the antibiotics every morning and night.  Sometimes she chokes on it and she reminds us every time she takes it that she "hates her medicine."

We still have the possibility that the left side rod and screws have infection and get removed.  Since they took blood today the infectious disease doctor will be calling with results soon.  She is scheduled to get off the antibiotics in April but we have questions about when and how they will know if there is an infection problem.  

We also still have the shoulder surgery and the other 2 vertebrae that he said would need removed in the near future, so we want to ask more questions about where we are with that.

Though she didn't wear green today she did enjoy some green treats and chose green stars at bed time 💚

We are so thankful for our village that helped with Addison, Jen and Wilmer and for Emerson's prayer warriors.

We are praying we can make the right decision at the right time, that we can limit her number of surgeries, that her rods continue to hold well, and that she can have a healthy, happy future.  Thank you for praying with us!



  1. Glad to hear y'all are home and no emergency surgery needed. Continued prayers for you all. Hugs!

  2. Continued prayers for my little scoliosis sis. Hugs emi!

  3. We are praying for you guys all the time. Her whole Parkview family loves her.

  4. Glad there was no surgery needed at this time. Stay strong emerson you got this!!


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