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Em's Update

Emerson has been going to school with her PICC line and getting 3 doses of antibiotics daily.  

We have had a few issues:
  • Her white blood cell count had dropped pretty low and they had to switch her meds
  • One day her bandaging slid off and exposed the insertion site
  • They couldn't get blood to come out for the blood draw (but it magically worked the next day)
  • She had to go through taking the bandaging off every Monday so it could be refreshed  
Otherwise it has gone pretty smooth. Then yesterday afternoon it wouldn't work. Her home health nurse, Denise worked very hard to get ahold of the doctors to see what they wanted to do, so we didn't have to visit an emergency room.  We were tentatively supposed to be done with the PICC line this week anyways and thankfully they said just take it out and ordered oral medication.  When she took it out it did have a hole in it and blood clots, which is why it wasn't working.  

Em is happy to be finished with the PICC line, but we will miss Denise.  

Her plan moving forward is to continue the oral antibiotics.  She has a check up with infectious disease doctors next week.  
Thank you for the continued prayers!  


  1. Good deal sweet girl. Positive vibes, prayers, and hugs sent your way. 💕

  2. Think of you very often and send our prayers. You are a role model for all of us! Betty & Jack


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