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Em Update

It's been over 3 weeks since Em's surgery.  

We have just been relaxing at home.  Jenson and Addison have enjoyed having Mom, Dad, and Em home, even though they were very well taken care of when we weren't.  Jen still struggles with understanding that if one of us leaves the room, we won't be gone for a week.  "But, I'm going to miss you!"  

Emerson is healing up well.  She has one spot on her back, where you can clearly see there is a rod/screw, that she says itches from time to time.  It worries us, but it doesn't hurt.  She still can't bend to pick things up.  Her neck has gotten stronger, though she still needs reminders sometimes.  Her arm has improved a bit.  

She still wears out pretty easy.  Going outside when it's hot makes her tired so we haven't been out much.  She spends a lot of time in her recliner, drawing and coloring while watching movies.  She has been sleeping better and is completely off pain medications.  She can get in and out of her bed by herself.  She is also still receiving mail and absolutely loves it!

She is hoping to be able to start kindergarten this year.  

On another note, Jenson woke up sick today.  She is fighting a fever and headache and is very tired.  We don't go anywhere and don't have visitors.  Craig is the only one coming and going because of work.  He took her to the urgent care today, where they ruled out everything but "something viral."  So Jenson has been tested for Covid.  We really hope the "something viral" does not spread to her sister and would love some prayers for this situation.  

Thank you for showing us so much love through this stage of Em's journey.  We are truly thankful!


  1. Hi Emmi, I love reading these updates. Praying for continued improvement and that you get to start kindergarten with my Ian this year. I'm adding Jenson to my prayers tonight; praying for all of yalls health. Keep smiling Emmi!
    Hugs, Mrs. Tammie


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