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Next Step - Change of Plans

Emerson's original appointment was March 23rd, but that was rescheduled due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Today they were only seeing certain patients and we were really glad she was part of that group.  Only one parent could bring her, so Dad had a road trip with Em day.

They lengthen the rod 3mms.  The last xray showed the bottom hook had started to migrate through the bone on the bottom of her rod and this xray showed that it had migrated more since the last appointment.

Dr. Luhmann said that we could go ahead with the next step or we could plan to lengthen one more time in August and if it migrates all the way through before then we would start the next step immediately. 

The next step was not what we were expecting.  He does not want to switch the rods out for larger ones.  Instead he feels that doing Halo-gravity Traction for 6 weeks in the hospital and then a partial fusion and Shilla surgery would be the best choice for her.

Here are links that explain both and his blog explaining them both.
Halo-gravity Traction
Growing Spine Blog

We have a virtual appointment with him on Monday to ask questions and get more information about this before we decide when it should take place.