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Lengthening #4

I am behind.  October 1st we went to Shriners for Emerson's 4th lengthening.  They were able to move her rod 5mm.  That means it has moved a total of 16.8mm leaving 11.2 left (this makes me nervous).  Her EOS x-rays were good.  He thinks her top hook has come loose but isn't too concerned about it.  We head back in January for our next lengthening.  Her size seems to be a bit a of a concern and she was ordered to keep eating her meat and veggies, but also ice cream every night.  I wish I had a picture of the smile she had when hearing that!

Overall, she is doing good.  We are concerned about the mobility of her left arm because it seems to be getting more limited.  Sleeping has improved, she is loving school this year and looking forward to participating in some basketball this winter.  We are also pleased with the improvement we have seen with her lungs and asthma and really hope that continues.  We were so thankful to get to enjoy a sandy, and wet vacation this year, which was a change from the past summers we spent hiding inside with a cast.  

Thanks for the continued prayers!