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Emerson Grew 4mm Today!

We were a little worried about how Em would react to the lengthening so last night,  I showed her this video.  We talked about how it would be loud,  but wouldn't hurt her.  She didn't sleep well.  I think I made her anxious.
When we arrived she had a prelengthening x-ray to make sure everything was in place,  then they lengthen, then x-ray again.
We thought she was going to cry but she was very brave and afterwards she was skipping down the hallway to the x-ray room.
All of her x-rays looked good. They lengthened it 4mm and we go back in April for the next one. 
Today we are so thankful for these magec rods and for the low dose x-ray machine.
We just pray things continue to stay in place and she gets the full 27mm (about 2 years) out of these rods before needing new ones. 
Thank you for your continued support!