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The Journey Continues

Last Thursday Emerson went back to school, over the weekend she went back to church, and she is FINALLY sleeping through the night without crying and moaning.  She still complains of her shoulder and her leg hurting periodically, but overall she is happy.  

On Tuesday she had her post-op appointment and we were pleased.  We weren't able to see Dr. Luhmann because he was called out to an emergency surgery, but we met with Dr. Kelly and Janet.  We asked if Emerson could use the EOS, lower radiation x-ray machine and they said we could try.  You have to stand really still for it to work and Emerson is now the youngest patient they have had use it at their hospital. Yay for less radiation!

I didn't get a picture of Emerson handing out these yummy cookies to all the doctors, nurses, and staff but she was so excited to tell some of them she was doing good and give them a treat.  

Dr. Kelly checked the incision and the movement in her legs as well as told us the x-ray has not changed.  Everything looks to be in place and she is now scheduled for her first lengthening in January.  

It was a huge relief to know it stayed in place this time, but I also quickly realized that the anxious feelings and worrying are just a part of our new situation.  At any time the rod could migrate through her bone again, or a hook could just come loose, or our 4 year old that loves swinging, spinning and being silly, could fall or trip and she would be headed back to surgery.  The doctors say, "Don't treat her like a china doll,"  which I understand, but I don't want her to have to go through surgery again anytime soon either.

I know we will get used to this as we got used to casting and bracing, but man is it wearing on me.   

We are currently accepting all types of bubble wrap to wrap her up, and praying God has her in his invisible bubble wrap.  Thanks for all the prayers and support!