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One Month Away

Emerson loves her Royals!  Yesterday we used our Blue Crew tickets and enjoyed a family day at the ballpark.  Emerson was so brave and asked Slugger to sign her brace.  For part of the day she left her jersey open, mainly so it wouldn't rub the signature off.  She spent much of that time mad, because "those people are staring at me."  Some people look, sure, it's not something you see on such a young person very often, but no one has ever been mean.  Emerson just doesn't want the attention.  Good news is, that will be over soon. 

We are a month away and I am starting to freak out.  It's not something I want to do, but we have no other choice and truly believe it is what is best for her.  So we have started role-playing, letting her be the doctor and work on mom and dad's backs.  Craig has watched a video of the actual surgery and has his questions ready to ask.  I am making every list possible and driving myself a little crazy. 

One thing that we would love to see, would be for those that have shirts to wear them that day in support of her and as a reminder to say some prayers for her throughout the day.  The t-shirt shop says that if I get the order to him asap, he can get me more shirts before that day.  So if you were someone that missed the last order and want one, please let me know before Wednesday.  The price should still be similar ($10 or $12) as long as I can get enough orders. 

In the meantime, please continue to pray for our sweet Em and her doctors and nurses as they prepare.  Our preop day is October 2nd.