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And the questions begin...

Emerson:  Why I wear a brace?
Mommy:  Because God made you special.
Emerson:  Who God?
Mommy:  He made all of us.  That's who we pray to.
Emerson:  Thinking
Mommy:  One day you won't have to wear a brace.  One day the doctor will do a surgery to help your back and then you won't have to wear a brace.
Emerson:  What surgery?
Mommy:  Dr. Luhmann is going to put a bar in your back to make it straighter.
Emerson:  What a bar?
Mommy:  Like a stick.
Emerson:  I no like that.

Me neither.  And as we get closer to the possibility of surgery it is starting to sink in that we have to trust someone to take our baby and make a huge cut in her back and then add hardware to her small spine.  And this won't be the only surgery.  I am going to go back to praying to that God guy now...