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"I'm hot!" - Summer in a Cast

I think it is sinking in that cast life in the summer is going to effect us all.  I used to cringe every time someone mentioned bathtime in front of Em.  "Please don't let her have meltdown about wanting a bath." During the summer there are more things to add to her list of things to have a meltdown about. 
1) Dirt, Pollen, and Sand
She can't be around these.  They don't wash off since she can't bathe and if they were to get in her cast it could be a disaster.  This has kept us home from Addi's ballgames, kept her from riding the mower with Daddy, and limited our activities outdoors. 
2) Water
Sprinklers, water tables, the lake, playing in the rain, water guns, water balloon fights, and pools.  This doesn't need much explaining other than that means Addi doesn't get to do these things either and we avoid events with these activities. 

And then there is just outdoors in general. The thought of a tick finding it's way under the cast scares me to death.  There has been 3 questions we have asked the doctors about that the response has basically been, "Let's just hope that doesn't happen." They were:  What do we do if she chokes? Will her carseat work with the cast? And what to do about ticks? So something like camping is a no go. 

There are some things that we are looking for help or advice with.  
1) She gets really hot and while we have remote start in both vehicles the car takes a really long time to cool the back seat.  There aren't any vents back there.  We have seen an idea to tape a pool noodle to the vent and then point the other end at her, but I am wondering if there is another option that would maybe fold up better and not be in the way all the time  (it's pretty crowded in our car already ☺).
2) Cooling vest for kids are available but are quite expensive.  It would be so helpful for her to having something like this to wear while playing outside at daycare.  Any ideas on how to make our own?
3) Knit rite shirts.  Does anyone know where I can get my hands on a kids size knit rite that is sleeveless? We have 2 that have sleeves but she is getting so hot that we try to change them pretty frequently.  The ones we have are sleeved and always go past her tshirt which I think makes it hotter.  Sleeveless would be better. 

Thanks for listening! As always we appreciate everyone's prayers and support.