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Cast #4

Our casting day was quite long!  Our appointment was at 2 and they were running 2.5 hours behind.  Even though Emerson hadn't had anything to eat since the night before she did amazing!  She is such a trooper!  Since we had been rescheduled after the asthma attack and hospital stay, we weren't able to get on our doctor's schedule fast enough, so another doctor applied this cast.  They were able to use the mask for her anesthesia instead of an iv, which was a huge plus.  She even went to the nurses so they could take her back to the operating room without crying (those of you that know Em, know that she is pretty attached to Mom and Dad).

The x-ray from our last appointment had shown that the degree was over 80 and the cast improved it to 68.  Considering the last cast had moved it to 50, that isn't a huge improvement, but it is definitely movement in the right direction and will hopefully give her lungs a break so we can stay out of the hospital.  Since a different doctor applied it, he does things a little different.  The shape is different as well as the undershirt.  Our doctor cuts the shirt and tapes it to the cast, but this doctor leaves it and has you change it every couple of weeks.

Em has done well since we got home.  She had a couple fits about not being able to reach to wipe, having to wear a bib because "she is a big girl,"  and crying that she can't take a bath.  We have taken some "spa" baths in the sink and Addi has tried to show her that bibs are okay.  We are still struggling with the diapering and potty training.  It is hard to get anything, diaper, pullup, pants to stay up and we are over worried about getting anything from the diaper on the undershirt or cast.  Emerson is also having a really hard time sleeping.  She tosses and turns the majority of the night and wakes up multiple times a night screaming and searching for mom or dad.

We are hoping to get the cast cut off in town the week of April 18th and  the next one will be applied the 25th.  Until then we are praying that she stays healthy and that she can sleep better.

Thank you all for the support!      
Waiting in the waiting room.  She was excited to get a new cast.  

A picture of her back before the cast.

Watching Mickey with Daddy while we wait.

She hates things on her fingers and toes.  

The X-ray in the new cast.  

Addison volunteered to wear a bib so Emmi woudn't be upset.  The bib was a gift from our sitter, Stephanie, and they are eating some delicious spaghetti bake that Amanda brought us.

Spa bath time
We are still looking for some Mickey or Minnie duct tape, but for now she loves telling everyone her cast is blue and orange.
Amanda helping me change her shirt.  It was a bit tricky, but not near as bad as I had imagined.  Youtube videos are SO helpful!