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November, AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

As this month comes to an end, I look back and wonder how in the world we survived it.  Our third little princess was born on November 7th and everything has been very chaotic since.  The weekend after Jenson was born Emerson developed a runny nose.  Friday night while we had company Emerson had to have a breathing treatment.  Saturday, her nose kept running.  We did our best to keep it clear (she is actually very good at blowing her nose), but Saturday night once she went to sleep a horrible cough started.  We called the doctor's office first thing Sunday morning and were very thankful that Dr. Cahill was on call.  She told us to do treatments more often and to take the brace off, but if the treatments weren't working to go in for an xray.  Just after lunch my mom got to our house to watch Addison and Jenson so we could take Emerson to the emergency room.  Her oxygen levels were down to 80 and her heart rate was up to 165.  After many test they confirmed RSV and pneumonia.  Emerson was admitted and stayed for 4 days.  RSV is bad, but it is really bad when you have compromised lung space and asthma.

Thankfully Craig was on paternal leave, because I was advised to stay away so that the baby didn't get it.  Craig stayed at the hospital with Em and I was home with Addison and the baby.  It is absolutely heartbreaking to know your child is sick and you can't be there to comfort them.  It was a really long 4 days for all of us!  Many people were so good to us and gave Addison rides, took her for a play date, brought dinner, sat with Em to give Craig a break, delivered things to the hospital, and simply checked on us.  We wouldn't have survived that situation without their help.

In November we also had Emerson's check up at Shriner's.  Her curve is worse.  We started this whole process at 76 degrees.  Casting lowered it to 50.5 and in May our brace had kept it at 64.  It is now 80!   So, we will be casting in January.  We have to wait, because since they use anesthesia and she just had RSV, there are rules about how long you have to wait.  His plan is to cast for 6 weeks, 3 times.

Our specific prayer requests:
Emerson's lungs and heart can continue to grow correctly.
Emerson can stay healthy enough to get the needed cast.
The casting goes well and provides improvement.
Current treatment (xrays and anesthesia) aren't causing other health issues.

Thank you for your continued support in Emerson's journey!