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The Next Step

This week we traveled to St. Louis. We thought we were headed to get the cast cut off (15 minutes) and get the brace/see the doctor (30 minutes).  Addi was out of school and it seemed like a good opportunity for her to tag along and maybe do something fun as a family to celebrate completing the casting series and selling our house (that's right,  we are no longer property rich and it feels amazing).
Our expectations were way off considering we were at the Shriner's hospital from 10 to 1:40.  We aren't really sure how we feel about any of it other than we have both decided maybe having the cast on is easier.
Getting the cast off. She hardly cried this time!
Waiting to get the brace. 
Her new butterfly brace.

They cut too much off the brace and the doctor wasn't happy with it.
The far right is prior to the casts.
Middle is with the last cast on. 
Left is with the brace on. 

You can see why he wasn't happy. They had to add a piece onto the brace under her armpit to get a tighter pull. This took a really long time. 

Thankfully the toy cart came by and gave both of them new toys! 
They brought the brace back and then we left.  No new x-ray, which is okay since the frequent x-rays scare us, but how do we know the brace is working? We go back on 3 months.  Until then she wears the brace all the time unless she is bathing,  sleeping,  or doing physical therapy.  She doesn't seem to care, but we are definitely concerned we aren't putting it on right, and aren't even sure it is helping. 

We were recently asked what specific prayer needs we had,  so we are asking for prayers that her little organs are growing correctly,  that her brace is effective, and guidance for Emmi's doctor and nurses. 
As always,  thank you!