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Reboot Surgery

Em had an appointment yesterday and scheduled a surgery for September 26th (yes, that's his first available date). It will be to replace screws and rods with larger ones. The current screws are "pulling out" and the right rod is still poking out.  This will prevent any skin issues (holes) that the rod and screws could cause. He called it a "reboot" that would elevate the pain she has been having and hopefully hold for two years. No vertebrae extractions needed at  this time and the shoulder is still on hold. We are thankful she gets to enjoy summer and hopeful she won't miss too much school.
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Dream Factory Disney Trip

Dreams from the Dream Factory are given to kids with chronic illnesses.  After 9 casts, 3 braces, 3 pneumonia hospital stays, a halo, and 5 rod surgeries, Emerson was able to qualify for a dream.   She chose Disney and it was amazing!  We were flown to Orlando, spent 6 nights at Give Kids the World, and 6 days at amusement parks.   Here is a summary of her trip: It was the first plane ride for all 3 girls! When you stay at GKTW, amusement park tickets are provided. Here's how we used them...      After SeaWorld we went back to the village, enjoyed food and entertainment and then headed to the airport.  Our original flight was scheduled for 10:55pm, but was delayed.  We were very happy when the plane finally arrived.  We made it home just before 6am.